Takko Fashion places Omni-Channel expert in upper management

Michael Vogel, Senior Executive Director Omni-Channel, joins Leading Circle

Takko Fashion is coming to rely on Omni-Channel ever more, and has underlined this strategy with a structural change: Michael Vogel will be appointed to the Leading Circle as Senior Executive Director Omni-Channel. The Leading Circle acts as an expanded management level, and is directly involved in all strategic corporate decisions.

"In order to further accelerate implementation of our Omni-Channel strategy, we are adding absolute expertise to the Leading Circle, and thus to upper management, with Michael Vogel. This is an important and necessary decision for the further orientation of our corporate strategy," emphasises CEO Ulli Eickmann.

Takko Fashion has operated an online shop in Germany since 2016. To this end the company utilises Omni-Channel, links the online shop with the stores and social media, and is thus simultaneously available to its customers through different channels. "We are wherever our customers are! That's why we offer numerous Omni-Channel services like Click & Collect, and free returns in the Takko store. The customer can decide when, how, and where they want to purchase their fashion. We want to expand this service even further," assures Michael Vogel.

About Takko Fashion
With its extensive range of stylish outfits at an affordable cost-benefit ratio, the Takko Fashion brand meets the needs of the modern family. Since its founding in 1982 the company, based in the Westphalian city of Telgte, has grown into an international fashion discounter with nearly 1,900 stores in 17 European countries.


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